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Drought tolerant gardening has become more popular and even mandatory in regions that experience little or sporadic rainfall. Some regions and cities impose fines or offer rebates and incentives to homeowners who replace their thirsty lawns and gardens with water-wise plants and hardscape. If you drive by a home with a dying lawn, the residents probably have stopped watering it and are planning to add gravel, river stones, permeable paving, and low- or no-maintenance ground covers, shrubs, trees, and perennials that don’t need daily irrigation.

All plants need water to survive. However, like plants that require more water, some plants grow in a lack of water. They are the best drought tolerant plants and can live without water for a long time. Here are some of the water-wise plants you can think of planting in your garden.


Waterwise Gardening - MoGreens Cape Town

Agaves store water in their thick foliage and send their roots deep below the soil surface to collect the water available. The Leaf has sharp edges. Landscapers often use agaves due to the unusual shape of their foliage, and of course, they are low care and drought tolerant plants.

2. Bougainvillea

 Bougainvillea - Drought tolerant gardening | Mo Greens Cape Town

Bougainvillea is a champion in tolerating the drought. It seems to be one of the toughest shrubs that thrive on neglect in extreme and intense conditions. This colorful plant is easy to grow too.

3. Lithops

Drought resistant lithops

Lithops are unique stone like succulent plants due to the reason they are also known as “Living stones.” Lithops are suitable houseplants, with very low watering requirements they are easy to keep.

4. Lavender Cotton

Drought resistant gardening - Lavender cotton

This mound forming shrub